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The Patagonian Ice Cap is the third largest extension of ice of the world, and the biggest in South America. It has an average height of 1500m/a/s/l, and it can be described like a vast plain covered with snow and crossed by the Andes from north to south. In this program, we will circumnavigate the Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre mountain range, covering a distance of approx. 100km. From Marconi Pass, we´ll attempt to climb Mount Gorra Blanca (2900m). This is one of the most challenging and impressive trips in Southern Patagonia

Data Sheet

8 Days expedition

Backpack weight: 25-30 kg

Very strenuous and rigorous hike

Requires trekking & camping experience (winter conditions)

Groups from 2 to six people

September to march



Meeting with the Guide; debrief about the details of the program and check of the personal equipment.


Transfer to Río Eléctrico and start the trekking. It takes about 8 hs to get to “Laguna de los 14” Campsite at the foot of Gorra Blanca Glacier. The first 2 hs along a lenga forest, and then on rocky terrain around Lago Electrico. There will be 2 river crossings: Pollone River & Electrico river, but only the second one has a cable zip-line to go across with harnesses.


Trek to “Paso Marconi” (1550m/a/s/l); 6 to 8hs. This is the crux of the trip; we'll need a reasonable good day in order to reach the pass. Weather allowing, there are excellent views of Fitz Roy, Piergiorgio and Gorra Blanca, among other peaks. After the camp, there are some steep rocky passages in order to reach the glacier. Once on the Ice or snow; we'll start using crampons, rope and sleds, to continue to Gorra Blanca refuge (Refugio “Eduardo García Soto”).


Trek to “Circo de Los Altares”. This is a short day (about 6 hs) with the possibility to approach the famous west face of Cerro Torre. This is one of the most impressive views of Los Glaciares National Park, especially at sunset! Camp at “Circo de los Altares”.


Trek to “Laguna Ferrari” or “Paso del Viento” hut. After about 4 hs hiking south from the Circo, we will exit the glacier and hike 2 to 3hs more trough moraines and rocky terrain. Camp at Laguna Ferrari or Paso del Viento hut.


Trek to “Laguna Trek over “Paso del Viento”(1500m/a/s/l) and then down the Tunnel valley to get to Laguna Toro. In a clear day, there are excellent panoramic views of Mariano Moreno Range and Viedma Glacier. The terrain is rocky with screes and we’ll get across a short section of Glacier Tunel. There is a river crossing near Laguna Toro with a cable zip-line or by foot at he bottom of the valley. Camp at “Laguna Toro”. (*)Ferrari” or “Paso del Viento” hut. After about 4 hs hiking south from the Circo, we will exit the glacier and hike 2 to 3hs more trough moraines and rocky terrain. Camp at Laguna Ferrari or Paso del Viento hut.


Back up in case of bad weather conditions or rest day.


Trek back to El Chaltén trough forest of “lengas” and over the “Pliegue Tumbado”, it´ll take about 5-6 hs. We will celebrate the end of the expedition with a great dinner!

Trekking El Chalten Patagonia


• Certified Mountain Guide
• Assistant guide
• Comidas durante la Expedición
• Transfer El Chaltén-Río Eléctrico

Trekking El Chalten Patagonia


• Four seasons tents
• Kitchen set and utensils
• Snow shoes
• Glacier equipment: crampons, harness, ropes, etc.
• Shovel
• Sledge
• VHF radio or sat phone
• GPS (Global Positioning System)
• First-aid kit

Trekking El Chalten Patagonia


• Bus from El Calafate to El Chaltén
• Hotel in El Chaltén
• Porters (at your request)
• Personal Equipment
• Alcoholic drinks
• Personal Travel & rescue insurance (highly recommended)
• Services not specified
• Gratuities

Packing List

Weather: The weather in Patagonia is notorious for high winds and extreme variability. Days can range from sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s (15°C) in October to rain, hail, and occasionally even snow. Nighttime temperatures often drop down into the 30s and 40s (0-5°C). The wind-chill factor can sometimes make the ambient temperature feel much colder. Please come prepared for all possibilities and equipped with good quality rain and wind gear.



• Mountaineering boots CLASS B1 OR B2 (*).
• 65-70 L backpack
• Sleeping Bag (-10 or -15°C, down recommended)
• Bivi sac (optional)
• Insulate mattress (Therm-a-Rest or similar recommended, with insulation)
• Walking poles with snow basket
• Sunglasses with UV filter (Class 4 for glacier travel)
• Ski Goggles
• Sun-block and lip balm
• Compeed or second skin (personal blisters kit)
• Personal Hygienic set (toilet paper, wet wipes)
• Small Personal first aid kit
• Pocket knife & spoon / Bowl and cup
• Duct-Tape (optional)
• Head lump (with spare batteries)
• Water Bottles (2 Nalgene bottles recommended)



• Light shoes (Approach shoes or mountain running shoes)
• Neoprene socks (light weight; optional for river crossings)
• Merino baselayers (top and bottom)
• Soft shell pants
• Sweater (medium weight)
• Synthetic puffy jacket (mid weight)
• Down hooded Jacket (heavy weight)
• 3 pairs of thermal socks (2 thick and one liner)
• Waterproof pants (Gore-tex with lateral zips)
• Waterproof Jacket (Gore-Tex)
• Snow Gaiters
• 3 pairs of gloves: Thin gloves + midlayer gloves + waterproof insulated gloves (with fingers ideal)
• Sun cap or Sun hat
• Wool or fleece hat
• Neck warmer, buff, or balaclava

(*) We can rent you the boots; If needing these, please let us know when you register. Also, give us your boot size. 

Please make sure you have all requested equipment.
Let us know if you need advice for buying or renting.


Water is potable in Southern Patagonia. Please bring your own water filter or purification tablets if you don’t want to drink the water untreated.
Sleeping bags/pads are available for rent in El Chaltén. Book early for best availability

If you like this program, you can start planning your adventure now!

The expedition can be organized privately by the date required. Special Rates for groups and agencies.


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