The Weather in El Chaltén

The weather in Patagonia is notorious for high winds and extreme variability. Between October and March; days can range from sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s (15°C) rain, hail, and occasionally even snow. Nighttime temperatures often drop down into the 30s and 40s (0-5°C). The wind-chill factor can sometimes make the ambient temperature feel much colder.

Patagonian weather should be one more element of your adventure, please come prepared for all possibilities and equipped with good quality rain and wind gear, having the right equipment makes a big difference!

Carrying out the proposed activity will depend in great measure on the climatic factors and conditions of the terrain. As we mentioned, the weather in this area is very unstable and unpredictable. Any proposed Itinerary can be modified and should be considered only as a guide.
External factors such us the conditions of the terrain and weather conditions could modify the original plan, and your Guide will have the criteria to change the program if he consider is necessary.

Weather Forecast for El Chaltén

You can check the weather forecast in different websites; we use WindGuru, in the following locations

El Chaltén (430m)

Poincenot Camp (750m)

Paso Superior: (1800m)

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Trekking El Chalten Patagonia
Trekking El Chalten Patagonia
Trekking El Chalten Patagonia