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We will take the Laguna (lagoon) Torre trail from El Chaltén in the morning. After one hour hiking we will reach the first viewpoint to Cerro Torre and the Fitz Roy river valley. From here we´ll head down to the main valley of Fitz Roy river and walk another two hours to reach Laguna Torre, one of the most spectacular views of the mythical Cerro Torre.
Also, first-row views to Cerro Solo, Techado Negro, Loma de las Pizarras and the nascent of the Fitz Roy river are well worth the walk. After a lunch break, we´ll return to El Chaltén by the same trail, arriving in town late in the afternoon.
The activity will take about 7 hs

Data Sheet

1 day

Moderate difficulty

Elevation gain 400 meters

Distance 18-20 km

2 - 15 people per guide

Trekking El Chalten Patagonia


Certified Mountain Guide 
VHF Radio
First-aid kit

Packing List

Weather: The weather in Patagonia is notorious for high winds and extreme variability. Days can range from sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s (15°C) in October to rain, hail, and occasionally even snow. Nighttime temperatures often drop down into the 30s and 40s (0-5°C). The wind-chill factor can sometimes make the ambient temperature feel much colder. Please come prepared for all possibilities and equipped with good quality rain and wind gear.



• 25-30L Daypack
• Water
• Lunch box (*)
• Personal hygienic set
• Fleece jacket or wind stopper
• Insulated light jacket(down or or synthetic)
• Waterproof parka
• Waterproof pants
• Gloves
• Sun cap & wool or fleece hat & buff
• Sunglasses
• Sun-block and Lip Balm
• Trekking shoes
• Walking poles
• Pocket knife

Note (*): We can prepare you lunch box, consult us for the cost and options

Please make sure you have all requested equipment, let us konw if you need advice for buying or renting


Water is potable in Southern Patagonia. Please bring your own water filter or purification tablets if you don’t want to drink the water untreated.
Sleeping bags/pads are available for rent in El Chaltén. Book early for best availability

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