SEASON 2017-2018

Laguna de los Tres

  1 Day
  Elevation gain 800 meters
  Intermediate difficulty

  2 - 15 people per guide

Poincenot Camp & Laguna Torre Camp Trek

  3 Days expedition
  2 night camping
  Intermadiate difficulty
  Requires trekking experience

  October to April

​Basecamps Trek: Backpacking Mt. Fitzroy and Cerro Torre

  7 days total
  5 night camping
  Difficulty: Vigorous - Must be physically fit
  Requires trekking experience

  October to March

Rock Climb Full Day

  Full Day (6-8 hs)
  Begginer & intermediate level

  1 - 2 people per guide

Cerro Madsen Ascent

  1 Day
  Elevation gain 1300 meters
  Very difficult: physically very demanding

  1 - 3 people per guide

Cerro Mojón Rojo Ascent

  2 Days
  Elevation gain 1700 meters
  Very difficult: physically very demanding

  1 - 3 people per guide

Alpine Climb Aguja Guillaumet  

  3 Days
  Elevation gain 2000 meters
  Very difficult: physically very demanding
  Training required - Technical experience required: Multi-pitch rock climbing & Ice climbing.

  1 - 2 people per guide

Ice Field, Paso Marconi-Paso Del Viento  

  8 Days expedition
  Difficulty: Very strenuous and rigorous
  Winter trekking & glacier training required

  September to March

​Our feedback on tripadvisor


“Climbing around El Chaltén”

"...As part of a two-week hiking/trekking trip in Patagonia, my wife and I happened to have a free day in El Chaltén. It was supposed to be a rest day, but...the hosteria we stayed at had a beautiful climbing wall literally 30 feet away! (It turns out, all of El Chaltén is closely surrounded by climbing walls, most within walking"


““Best Excursion of the vacation””

"We booked the Full day of Ice Climbing with Mountaineering Patagonia. Merlin was very responsive to our needs prior to our trip and as soon as we got to El Chaltén he walked over to our condo to introduce himself. The night before our trip he stopped by and got us set up and fitted with our equipment so the next morning we were ready to go.
The hike out was long but Merlin kept us entertained the entire 3 hours!
Merlin's knowledge about El Chaltén and the surrounding mountains was spectacular and he was more then willing to answer all our fun gringo questions. I would 100% recommend booking with Mounatineering Patagonia, if we had to do it again we would have stayed in El Chaltén longer and done more excursions. Thanks MERLIN!"


“Exceptional and unforgettable Patagonia! Thank you Merlin”

How can we ever thank you enough for the magic days you gave us at El Chaltén, your hospitality, your knowledge of mountains, geology, the vegetation, the animals etc..made our trip unforgettable. You are a class act man and guide. We were very lucky.

Backcountry Ski Touring at Cerro Crestón, El Chaltén

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We are a Guiding Company, with national AAGM and international UIAGM-IFMGA certifications, specialized in Southern Patagonia. We are located in El Chaltén, were we began our mountain activities in 1998, surrounded by the mythical Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre mountains.
We specialize in Mountain Trips: Hiking, Trekking, Mountain Ascents, Rock Climbing, Ski Touring & Southern Ice Field Expeditions. We consider El Chaltén as a unique place to develop this activities, surrounded by a magnificent atmosphere
We also offer our guiding services in other destinations along year round: North of Patagonia, Mendoza, Chile, Bolivia, Perú & Europe.

¿Why choose Mountaineering Patagonia ?

The Patagonic Mountains are our passion; we chose the Mountain Guides profession to share these experiences with you. We are qualified “Tourist Operators of Los Glaciares National Park” since 2003, and we´ve been guiding in the area since 1998. Our Mountain Guides are certified AAGM (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides) and IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Association) and authorized by the APN (National Park´s Administration). We provide a personalized guiding service in the mountains, prioritizing your personal safety and protecting the environment.

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